As described in Marine Agency Services and Western Africa Coastal services, Navitrans serves all floating units with any required products : from paint to engines, from stationary to spare parts.

In order to deliver the best possible service to its stake-holders, internal and external, Navitrans has developed expertise in Procurement, either locally or on an international.



Our local teams purchase items for vessels on a regular basis. Dedicated teams are specialized in this type of activity and have developed good relationships with local providers: they purchase at the right rate, the required quality and quantity, and deliver on time at the right place.

This service is highly valued by Navitrans customers.

In some countries where a specific license is required to perform procurement, Navitrans hold their own licenses.

International Procurement

Some products are difficult to find on a local level, some brands do not have local representations in all countries. Navitrans relies on her sister company Emertrade to deliver international purchases.

Emertrade has a team of proficient buyers based in Switzerland who travel to Africa on a regular basis. Since 2019, Emertrade expanded and has branches in several countries in Africa, along with the regulatory licenses to operate.

Emertrade buyers rely on Navitrans network and expertise to offer our clients door-to-door solutions. Any stakeholder can ask Emertrade to purchase any type of equipment from anywhere in the world.

Along with Procurement Services, Emertrade is also involved in trading.


Navitrans has a sound experience in delivering any type of bunkers, ex trucks, ex pipe or Ship-to-ship deliveries with MV Laetitia V or any spot- chartered tanker.

Navitrans ensures that all bunker deliveries are in compliance with all local / international regulations.