Marine agency services

Navitrans has continually adapted its Marine Agency Services since 1979 for our core activities to be in line with the constantly changing environment of the maritime sector.

Vessel Agency

Prior to arrival of Vessel, Navitrans makes all the necessary arrangements for vessel to be expected and accepted by authorities. Navitrans agent is the link between the vessel / shipowner and the country’s authorities and infrastructures. Agent reserves the quay space, necessary cranes and equipment and organizes pilotage where required. Upon arrival of the Vessel, Navitrans agent will board the vessel with the authorities, and go through all formalities to ensure Vessel is granted free pratique. Vessel can start work, and crew are allowed on the quay side.

Navitrans agent will attend the vessel for any particular need :

Ship Loading / Offloading



Crew support

Work permits


Express couriers can be sent to Navitrans Agency who will remit documents to Captain.

If crew needs to arrive / depart during the port call, Navitrans agent will also organize such crew change – this activity has developed into “husbandry” over the years.

Should vessel require repairs, provision of spare parts or urgent parts during her call, Navitrans will import from ex-works, clear and deliver on board.